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Combining the data from Retail Store Audits and Mystery Shopping can Shed More Light on Shrink

Mystery Shopping is an effective tool that no doubt many stores use to help prevent retail loss. The data collected from said mystery shopping can pin point exactly where a store’s strengths and weaknesses lie especially from the critical perspective of the customer. What happens when we combine that data with the data from a retail store audit? This is an interesting experiment and one that could really shed more light on shrink.

What better retail store audit software to use for this kind of project than blazingaudit as its framework is built to allow advanced reporting and analysis across multiple data sets.  It even includes a detailed case management platform and incorporates census data to reveal a clearer picture of the high risk solutions. blazingaudit is perfect for the kind of qualitative research we would need in order to conduct this kind of data collection and combination.

One of the beauties of blazingaudit is that it is super flexible. Our goal is to fit into your already existing practices. The platform includes such data as demographic (including poverty rates, crime statistics, and population growth) which in congruence with audit data and mystery shopping data can impart us with an unobstructed panoramic view.  The data from mystery shopping would especially complement the data from an operational audit because of the nature of both fields. They both evaluate the performance of a particular department—i.e. customer service or layout of store, etc. However, mystery Shopping would pair up nicely with any of the audits blazingaudit specializes in such as operational, compliance, or followup. The structure of blazing audit lends itself well to combining different data from different platforms and really thinking outside of the box. This project is certainly worth exploring.