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Saving Time with Blazing Audit

We conducted a study of auditors and audit managers at a major American retailer who currently use Blazing Audit to handle their auditing processes. We asked them how much time Blazing Audit saved them throughout the process of running an audit. On average, these users reported that they were able to cut their total auditing time by about 40%, and every customer reported that Blazing Audit made their auditing process at least 10-15% faster.

That is a remarkable amount of time saved! Keep in mind that there are many steps to running an audit, and each step can take up a lot of time. First, the audit needs to be set up — it needs to be written, the auditor needs to contact the store managers or other personnel who will be involved in the auditing process, and so on. Next, the audit needs to be completed; this step involves the process of checking individual items in each store for compliance or non-compliance. After that, cover sheets and reports about the audit need to be created and distributed.

The use of software such as Blazing Audit saves you time for two reasons.

First, the individual steps can be automated or hastened through the use of software. During the audit, individual item compliance checks can be done with the tap of a finger, as frequent comments an auditor might want to addend can be populated into a dropdown list for easy access. Afterwards, making reports in PDF form no longer involves hours spent in a spreadsheet program crunching numbers and drawing graphs; the reports can be simply generated on-the-fly.

Second, mistakes, which can be very time-consuming to fix, are less likely to occur, and the entire process will run smoother. You’ll never email a report to the wrong person again; Blazing Audit lets you email preselected managers and other stakeholders from inside of the software. Furthermore, as two customers stated, “[Blazing Audit] eliminates the opportunity to make errors when calculating the score”, and “[it] accurately totals percentages and accounts for non applicable entries with ease”. Not only will you save time not having to triple-check handwritten notes — users of Blazing Audit can rest assured that none of their data was incorrectly entered from a handwritten report into a spreadsheet.

If you’re interested in speaking with our sales team to find out more ways Blazing Audit can make your auditing experience more efficient, get in touch.