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Changing the Answers to Audit Questions

Depending on the permissions granted to you as an auditor you may be able to reopen and change the content of an audit. If available this option is located in the “Manage Respondent” section. To change the content of an existing audit follow these steps:

  1. Select the audit that you would like to change from the store list.
  2. On the upper right quadrant (Audit Status) change the “Audit status for this store” to Open.
  3. Select the Take audit option and make the changes to the audit that are desired.
  4. Resubmit the audit.
  5. Close the audit and return to the “Manage Stores” section.

If you are editing an audit that was complete prior to the current day, on the Audit Status quadrant change the Complete date for the audit to the appropriate date by clicking the change date next to the closed status and selecting the appropriate date.

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