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Audit Platform Overview

blazingAudit (bA) is a enterprise scale, cloud-based platform for creating, deploying, reporting, analyzing, tracking and managing audits including operational, compliance, financial, follow-up, HR and IT.

Operational Audit – An operational audit evaluates performance of a particular function or department to assess its efficiency and effectiveness. Operational audits typically combine elements of financial, IT, and compliance audits, and focus on risks pertinent to the specific responsibilities of the audited unit.

Compliance Audit – A compliance audit evaluates adherence to established laws, standards, regulations, policies, and/or procedures.

Follow-Up Audit – The purpose of a follow-up audit is to revisit a past audit’s recommendations and management’s action plans to determine if corrective actions were taken and are working, or if situations have changed to warrant different actions.

IT Audit – An Information Technology (IT) audit evaluates controls related to the institution’s automated information processing systems.

The blazingAudit platform includes:

  • Audit design - supports the creation of simple to extremely complex audit collection forms and applications compatible for use across all computer, tablet and smartphone platforms. With both online and offline support the audit forms can include calculated fields, advanced validations, branching, advanced navigation, and image (photo) collection.
  • Panel management - panel management refers to the target audience for the audit. For example, in a retail store audit the panel would consist of the stores. The panel can be configured with a wide range of customized information. blazingAudit manages the use of the panel and keeps track of activity for each panel entity. Each audit program can draw a list (randomly or selectively) of entities to be audited from one or more panels.
  • Audit Deployment - audits can be deployed to groups of internal auditors, managers or self-completed by the target. Audits can be deployed through the blazingAudit portal, email, or the respondent management portal. A wide range of deployment options are available.
  • Reporting & Analysis - blazingAudit provides multiple reports to review individual audits. Typically run immediately after the audit the individual audit reports typically include cover sheets summarizing the results of the specific audit followed by a detail report highlighting areas on non-compliance. Aggregate reports and analysis are also provided through a comprehensive reporting and analysis platform. Reports can be customized and shared with other users as desired.
  • Scheduling Audits and Tasks - blazingAudit supports the ability to create custom tasks (for example training classes or conducting an audit) and schedule those tasks for completion. Scheduling can be done by the individual that will complete the task or by another person. User selection in filtered by availability, user type and qualifications all of which can set for each workgroup or workgroup affiliate.
  • Case / Engagement Management - audits can trigger actions based on a number of customizeble events including one or more answers to an audit question or a total audit score. The alerts which are triggered by the audit can be set to send an email to one or more individuals and/or open a case in the case management module. Once a case is opened approved users can manage the case requiring follow-up actions including training videos, follow-up audits or other activities prior to closing the case.
  • User Administration - The user administration provides multiple levels of users including Enterprise, Workgroup and Affiliate administrations, Audit administrators, Auditors, and Respondents. Customized user modes are supported through the use of over 125 individual permissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

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