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**Audit Design** Steps to create a new audit: - Click the New Audit button and then select the __Create new audit__ option. - Enter a name for the audit by typing over the New Audit (project number) text above the project description. - Optionally enter a project description - Click the Create/Edit Questions to begin the audit design process Audit Design Topics * [[start:Adding/Changing Questions|How to add questions?]] * How to set up skip patterns/branching? * [[start:Custom Validations|How to create question validations and customize validation messages?]] * How to create an email alert and trigger the opening of a case in the case management system? * How to add a navigation menu to allow users to quickly navigate the audit? * [[start:Piping answers, panel information and other information.]] * [[start:Advanced Forms|Creating advanced forms with calculations, mixed response options...]]

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