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Panel Management

Virtually all of your audits will use a panel. A panel can consist of individuals, companies, stores and any other audit target. There are two types of panels supported by blazingAudit; workgroup panels and individual audit panels.

Workgroup panel: A workgroup panel can be referenced across a number of audit projects.

Individual audit panel: An individual audit panel is used for a single project.

To set up a workgroup panel click the Panel Management button on the main menu and follow the instructions for uploading a panel for a .csv file. We suggest downloading the template to upload panelists from the import/export panelists option first and using that as a guide to setup the panel for the upload process.

The process for setting up an individual audit panel is the same, however first make sure the project is setup, that the deployment option for the individual panel is selected and then with the project selected proceed to the panel management area and upload the panel as described above.

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