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Reporting & Analysis

blazingAudit includes multiple levels of reporting and analysis. These include:

  1. Reporting after the completion of an audit - whether you require a summary “cover” sheet of the audit or a complete review, blazingAudit provides multiple options for post audit reports. These audit reports can include merged information from the audit panel and can be run as a PDF and emailed immediately following the completion of the audit.
  2. Advanced Aggregate Reporting & Analysis - over 20 standard reports and virtually any customized report you need can quickly be setup and shared with other users. From frequency, cross tabulations and trend reports to bespoke reports including frequently missed questions, top performers and greatest opportunity reports. A key driver report is also available. With a full compliment of filtering options and advanced charting the reports can be exporting in pdf or as a spreadsheet. blazingAudit gives you complete control of report distribution through the permissions-based user portal.
  3. Data export - A wide range of export options makes it easy to export the information you need quickly and easily for any independent analysis you need.
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