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Starting an Audit

Audits that are available to conduct are listed on the audit panel on the left side of the screen. Select the audit that you would like to complete and click on the audit. Depending on the size of the audit and the connection speed it may take a few seconds for the audit to load.

An audit can only be completed if the audit is open. If you do not see the option in the Audit Status quadrant (top right) to “Manage Respondent” or “Complete your audit here” it is because the audit has been closed.

There are two ways to complete your audit:

Complete your audit here: This is an option that the audit administrator can assign to each user. If this option has been selected for the audit you will see the “Complete your audit here” option within the “Audit Status” quadrant. To start the audit select the Store, Employee, Company or Respondent as the case may be. If the status of the audit is “Open” the “Start audit” button will be enabled. Click the “Start audit” button to begin the audit. In some cases the option to complete the same audit multiple times (for example weekly) will be provided. In this case you should also select the Group/Week or other classification for the audit.

Manage Respondent: This option also allows you to complete the audit. To use this option click “Manage Respondent”. A searchable list of respondents available to be audited will be displayed on the left. You can use the Search button to search for a particular respondent or use the directional arrows at the bottom of the list to page through the respondent list. After selecting the respondent you would like to audit click the “Take audit” option on the bottom right (“Manage Respondent”) quadrant.

Note: Depending on the type of audit the name of the entity being audited changes dynamically. For example if you are conducting an HR audit you will probably see Manage Employees rather than Manage Respondents and if you are doing a retail store audit you will probably see Manage Stores.

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